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Oh what a week! The major FX currency pairs are ending the week mixed in the short term.

The last week was certainly a volatile one for the major currency pairs. The GBPUSD saw the biggest movement falling to the lowest level on record, and the EURUSD also reached to a new low for the year and lowest level since 2002.

What about the other pairs? Moreover, how did the pairs end the week from a technical perspective.

I can say some currencies in the short term were bearish vs the USD while some were tilted more to the upside vs the greenback. You might also be surprised with some of the technical biases.

This week, I parsed out each pair individually. Watch one by one or pick and choose. But if you want to be prepared for the new trading week, spend a little time and get yourself ready to trade on Monday.

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EURUSD: EURUSD rebounds from new 2022 lows and tilts short term bias back to the upside.

The EURUSD moved to a new low going back to 2002 this week, but rebounded into the close for the week and is closing with a short term bullish bias. Could the low be in for the pair? In this video, I outline the levels that would keep the bias more bullish, and the key targets to get to and through to increase that bias.

GBPUSD: A record low for the GBPUSD, but the closing level for the week is short term bullish.

The GBPUSD moved to a new all time record low this week. However, by the close, the price had rebounded and is closing the week with a more bullish bias in the short term. What needs to be done to keep the ST bias intact in the new trading week?

USDJPY: The USDJPY is still dealing with the BOJ intervention extremes.

The USDJPY has the ghost of the verbal and actual intervention extremes to deal with near the 145.00 level and above. The highs this week respected the 145.00 level, but is closing the week near the level. Can the sellers continue to keep the lid on the pair and perhaps push lower in the new trading week?

USDCHF: USDCHF closes with more of a bullish bias. Can the buyers keep the momentum going?

The USDCHF closed the week with more of a bullish bias in an up and down week. Can the buyers in the new trading week keep the momentum going?

USDCAD: USDCAD closes near highs for the year and highest level since May 2020. What now?

With the USDCAD closing at new highs for the year and highest level since May 2020, the buyers are in firm control. What would weaken the bullish trend for that pair in the new trading week?

AUDUSD: The buyers in the AUDUSD had their shot to move higher. They missed.

In this FOREX QUICK video, I look at the AUDUSD. The buyers this week had their shot but are ending the week with the sellers back in control in the short term and the long term. The pair is closing below the 100 hour MA and a channel trend line. Going forward, it will take a move back above those areas to tilt the bias back to the upside (that would be the minimum). Absent that and the sellers are in firm control in the short and long term.

NZDUSD: With the RBNZ set to raise rates by 50 BPs, what do the buyers have to do to get the NZDUSD higher?

Like the AUDUSD, the week ending September 30, 2022, the NZDUSD buyers had their shot to take more control. That move failed and the price is closing near the lows for the week. What would have to happen in the new trading week for the NZDUSD to tilt the bias back to the upside?

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